Prime Printing

Positioning and philosophy

Prime Printing Technologies is a PRP Solutions brand. It stands for top quality with the best value for money on the market as well as having innovative power together with an optimised time to market.


Behind the new brand there are decades of experience and enormous market-proven development, manufacture and sales of imaging toners and inks to the printing industry. That is why all Prime Printing Technologies products are based on the sound competence of our technology centre – located in China.

Our company philosophy consists of uncompromising customer focus, professionalism and high quality continuity ensured by strict monitoring and control. Assured fast response times are of prime importance to us. As market partners with the printing industry and distributors of white and private labels in the European market, we set standards in reliability, customer proximity and flexibility. That is why we offer a comprehensive range from which all products and solutions can be tailor-made as required; perfectly suited to the specific market requirements and needs of our customers.


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